to the place to get exclusive Haunted Hinsdale House Merchandise. We have tons of great designs to choose from. Happy Ghost Hunting!

8 1/2 x 11 Glossy Limited Edition Print/ Autographed & Numbered by Daniel Klaes (Haunted Hands Poster)Haunted Hinsdale Map 4/4 -Basement FloorHaunted Hinsdale Map 3/4 -Second FloorHaunted Hinsdale Map 2/4 -First FloorHaunted Hinsdale Map 1/4 -Haunted Grounds

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It's Real. It's Haunted.

The Haunted Hinsdale House, home of 8 different types of hauntings. Now you can be a part of it with official merchandise. All proceeds go towards its restoration. Thank you for your help!