#23 Haunted Magazine THIS IS A HARD COPY

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Issue #23 This issue has quite literally taken Haunted Magazine to Hellier and back! We’re thrilled to welcome Greg and Dana Newkirk to the pages of Haunted fresh from the success of their latest venture. For the initiated, you’re about to step into a much bigger world of the paranormal. This issue is positively bursting with Ghosts, Ghost Hunting, UFOs, Exorcism, ‘Haunted’ places and more. OUT NOW!

Each Haunted Magazine issue is timeless.  This is the beauty of Haunted Magazine. Haunted Magazine issues can be new, they can be 60 years old, they can go way further back than that and it is that age old timeline that gives us the chance to delve into a feast of features from so many generations of the paranormal. All designed to the highest spooky standards that we demand of ourselves. #Dontbenormal - be PARANORMAL!

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